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Meet WyldFlower – The Perfume Enthusiast


Nneoma Onyekachi Emeghi, also known as The WyldFlower, ensures that people and their living areas smell amazing. “I believe that when you smell good, you feel good. I sell Undiluted Perfume Oils for a fraction of the price of the original perfume.  I make Made in Nigeria Reed Diffusers and Car Fresheners and I also refill Perfume bottles while keeping the budget of the average Nigerian in mind.”

Speaking on how she started, she says, “Early January of 2017, I was bored with my job and I wanted more. But I had no idea what ‘more’ was at the time. I stumbled upon a Perfume oil Retailer, made enquires and realized the perfume oil business was practically a gold mine waiting to be discovered so I took advantage of the business and I don’t regret doing that.”

According to her, running an online business isn’t all roses like she thought initially. “From Posting content that prospective customers will be interested in, to carving a niche for myself as a trustworthy online seller, to convincing people you don’t have intentions of absconding with their money, dealing with delivery companies and absence of mentoring for budding entrepreneurs.”

“The list of challenges is endless and the business environment can be unfriendly at times. Some days,  I want to close shop and throw in the towel, then I think of what I’ve achieved in so short a period and just keep pushing bearing in mind that there will be better days.”

Her late mum, she says, will always be her source of inspiration. “I am strong because a strong woman raised me and of all the things I’ll do in my lifetime, turning out successful is one of the things I owe her.”

Having a speaking engagement was a venture that made her believe in herself. “Barely a year after starting my business, I was privileged to speak to a group of budding entrepreneurs on the challenges I have faced as a young entrepreneur and ways I believe we could help push each other to do better.  Public speaking is one of my fortes and I was glad I could exchange ideas with people about what I do through a means I was comfortable with.”

Right now, she is hoping her business can be exposed to high profile players in the sector. “I am also looking forward to a training that’ll expose me to opportunities. I believe I try my best given the resources at my disposal but I I’m waiting for that big break and I am hopeful it’ll come soon. I’m open to collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs and the government if the opportunity presents itself.”

On youth empowerment, she asserts, “Nigeria is a Nation with unending opportunities and the past year has taught me that the average Nigerian youth is willing to work if given the right platform. Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges we face and in recent times, a lot of people have embraced Entrepreneurship. It’ll be great if the government can help to improve people’s access to resources and not frustrate their efforts.”

“I love what the NYSC is doing through the SAED initiative and if more skill acquisition programmes are designed and made available to both the educated and not so educated, there will be an increase in both self growth and economic growth.”

“The Nigerian youth can be empowered through more programmes that are focused on the promotion of Entrepreneurship and self reliance amongst youth.”

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Instagram: wyld__flower

Twitter: @wyld__flower

Facebook : The WyldFlower


Phone Number: 07017728640

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