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Meet Vohkeh – The Home Organiser


Vohkeh Vanessa Osusuluwa, a home organiser, is also known as Comfymama, after her brand. Comfymama as a brand is dedicated towards providing home improvement solutions through de-cluttering, organising, space planning and DIY ideas geared towards making the mom-life easier and comfy.

Vohkeh says she has experimented and executed several business ideas but she found her passion in providing solutions towards making motherhood easier, especially as she knows how challenging it can be. “Being a mom is tough and successfully blending motherhood with entrepreneurship is harder. I was determined to make both work and from my practical experience, this can only be successful if as moms we are more organized and purposeful in everything we do. I use my blog www.comfymama.com.ng and my Instagram page @comfymama.ng to share this wealth of information to help moms find balance. Being a mother and it’s challenges inspired this career path.”

home organiser

Concerning the challenges she has encountered, she says, “De-cluttering and organisation is relatively new in Nigeria, getting people to buy into the Idea and adopting the organized lifestyle has been pretty challenging.”

The life and the challenges she faces as a mum and her kids inspires her to do more.

On the project she did that increased her belief in herself, she mentioned her first project of de-cluttering, organising and designing. “It was pretty hard to impress the client. It was my first job, there were some challenges that didn’t sink down well with the client as he was more or less a perfectionist. He pushed me to give him the best. Successfully completing that job despite the challenges really boosted my morale.”

home organiser

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And now, she is seeking for more opportunities to help people de-clutter, organise and design their spaces.

“Youths are the future of tomorrow,” she says. “Empowering them is securing tomorrow. Channelling their youthful energy and minds will sure make for a more productive and improved society. Providing opportunities for training and enlightenment is the best way to empower them. With knowledge they can compete favourably with their counterparts in other parts of the world.”

Connect with her through her

Blog: www.comfymama.com.ng

Email: comfymama@gmail.com

Instagram: @comfymama.ng


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