Meet Victoria – The Fashionpreneur


Victoria Oluwatayo Fatokun, is also known as Havilah, is a fashionpreneur (a seamstress and vendor of fashion accessories).

Talking about how she started, she says, “I have always loved to see my clothing designs beautifullyworn by others and this led me into learning to sew while I was an undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The different academic and non-academic strikes, which were almost a yearly ritual, fostered my interest and presented the opportunity to learn.”

fashionpreneur                  fashionpreneur

Victoria’s major challenge is combining being an entrepreneur and being an employee. She admitted it is really demanding because of her desire to push for excellence on both sides.

Fashion needs identified in her immediate environment are a major source of inspiration. “Hence, I basically make my decisions and hope to make an edge in the fashion world by my power of observation coupled with my innovative skills. Moreover, I introduce the sale of new items in my online store when I notice the increased needs for them from family, friends and associates.”

She explained that the project that made her believe in herself was when she had to sew bridesmaid dresses for a wedding as well shop for their accessories. After everything, they turned out elegantly dressed.

fashionpreneur                fashionpreneur

Victoria is, however, eagerly looking forward to opportunities to collaborate with key players in the Nigerian fashion industry.

On her opinion on youth empowerment, she asserts, “Youth empowerment is key as it will greatly help grow the Nigerian economy because youths have the required strength to pull through whatever they set their mind to achieve.The Nigerian youth should look within, identify their area of interest, acquire required skill and launch out in pursuit of excellence.

You can reach her on:
I.G: @havdaffstores, @havdaff,
Mobile number: 08169927176.

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