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Meet Uloma – The Social Entrepreneur


Uloma Ashu, also known as Oma, runs a social enterprise that uses cash for trash strategy to recover recyclables waste such as pet bottles, aluminium cans and cartons directly from communities for recycling into new products. She is into promoting a green conscious Nigeria while empowering lives.

On how she started, Uloma says, “I started from my kitchen o, started sorting my waste and took the word out in my community as to how we all can take collective action to protect our environment and in order to encourage corresponding action after the sensitization; the business of irecycle marketplace was birthed.”

God, who Uloma says gives her courage, is her inspiration

She has always been passionate about the environment and empowering young people and organising a project geared towards that was a great confidence booster for her.

“In 2014, the nature of my job took me to Ajegunle area in Lagos State, Nigeria on a feasibility study to set up an eatery. In the cause of the study, I realised I had engaged with a lot of young teenage pregnant girls who lacked confidence in themselves to be successful in life as most of them where from poor homes.”

“This inspired “The Value Woman Project” through which I hosted Motivation programs in the Community. I impacted over 2000 girls and personally empowered 50 who choose to learn entrepreneurial skills. I remember Dealdey was my friend as I had accessed discounted skill training programs.”

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“The industry I am in is pretty large. There are so many opportunities. I hope to scale my business into a full time recycling company.”

Concerning youth empowerment, she says, “Empowerment is first a mindset. You must believe in yourself enough to feel empowered irrespective of present circumstances or limitations.”

“Nigerian youths must strive to create value no matter how small you start and more concerned about creating their opportunities if it doesn’t exist.”

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