Meet Tonye – The Brands Reviewer


Tonye Al Onyanabo is the founder of Optima Reviews, a business platform that focuses on providing credible and trustworthy reviews for brands, products and services.


“I discovered that self-promotion by brands is often perceived as propaganda by prospective clients, so we provide an independent analysis of the brand to prospective clients, giving a personal detailed account from interacting with brands or products. However, Optima Reviews focuses more on startups because we strongly believe that there are several startup businesses that have what it takes to thrive but the cost of promoting their brand is rather on the high side.” says Tonye on his business model.


The entrepreneur pointed out “building a credible brand that can be trusted for trustworthy reviews and honest opinions on products and services” as one of the major challenges he’s faced so far with his company.  However, getting Optima reviews started was a move that made him really believe in his capability. “All I had was an idea and at first I didn’t think my idea will be accepted. However I am stunned with the reception and how people have come to believe in what the brand stands. That reinforced my belief in myself.” he said.


Tonye draws his inspiration from God. “I believe he is the master strategist and planner. In addition to this, there a certain people whose lives provide inspiration to me. These individuals include: Alexander the Great, Augustus Caesar, Marcus Aurelius, Gaius Julius Caesar, Hannibal Barca, Napoleon Bonaparte and Erwin Rommel.”


On youth empowerment, he thinks “every youth should choose their destiny and empower themselves, work on making themselves better in all ramifications and give back to the society in any little they can.”


Connect with Tonye on Instagram via @optimareviews

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