meet Tolulope Maha the business consultant - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Meet Tolulope – The Business Consultant


Tolulope Opeyemi Maha is a Business Consultant, who help businesses in marketing, human resources, management, and accounting.

meet Tolulope Maha the business consultant - the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

“I work with clients on strategy, planning, and problem-solving, and I help clients develop business skills and knowledge. I also help with business registrations, business plans, recruitment process, and research works.”

Tolulope started Afrikbella Integrated Services in February 2018 after she noticed she had crazy business ideas and she would love to help people achieve their dreams and goals while achieving hers.

She admitted to facing a number of challenges when she started. “It wasn’t easy getting clients to believe in you and giving you a job as huge as that. Also recruiting employees for firms is one big challenge, selecting the ‘best man’ to work for your clients. One wrong employee can make them stop believing in you, so we have to go through a whole lot of processes to get the right person(s) for the job.”

“Furthermore, writing a business plan for a fresh business idea is very tedious work. But in all these challenges, we are always at the top of our games and we always get the best feedback from our clients.”

Her inspiration comes from the fact that she loves seeing business ideas come alive. “I also draw my inspiration from Opeoluwa Bamiro, CEO Decke Group.”

When asked about projects she has done that increased her belief in herself, she says, “I have helped over ten firms in their recruiting process in the space of the eight months that we started.”

“I have also been invited to speak at seminars and tertiary institutions, speaking at TalentMine Africa on Career Development made me believe I am not only a Business Consultant but I can also make a lot of Impact to younger generations.”

And now, the Business Consultant is looking forward to working with bigger firms and organizations and even the government. “I know very soon that dream will be actualized.”

She also gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “The rate of Youth Empowerment in Nigeria is not encouraging; the government is not paying much attention to it. The kind of work I am into opens me into a world of ideas; Nigerian youths have a lot of business ideas but lack empowerment.”

“The government should empower the youths by providing adequate capital which includes funds, assets, materials, and manpower. Also, they should make loans available to start-up businesses, organise entrepreneurship programs and graduate training.”

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