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Meet Tobi – The Graphite Artist


Tobi Oluwole Olowookere, also known as Graphitewole is a Graphite artist. He noted that although he uses other materials but using Graphite pencil is his area of expertise.

He started his journey into art quite recently. “Well, I just started not so long ago, 6 months and 22 days to be exact. I started sharing some of my sketches on my Instagram and I got a lot of encouragement and inspiration from other artists on Instagram, so I decided to create my own page.

graphite artist

His major challenge, he says, is combining school and work. “Considering I want to excel in school and my art, it has not been easy finding a balance that will work for both but I am learning gradually on prioritising and time management. I also have the issue with customers and pricing.”

The graphite artist draws inspiration comes from watching other artists like Harinzey Okafor, Ayo Filade and so on. “I see a lot of inspiring works of art on Instagram and it drives me to do better. I also get inspiration from black history, from all the struggles we have faced and are still facing. So many great people have sacrificed and fought for our freedom. It teaches me to never give up and that fear will only get you nowhere.”

The project he did that made him believe in himself is a recent commission of 12 by 12 inches. “It is biggest drawing I have ever done because I just started. It was challenging but music keeps me going. I listen to music while am drawing, it keeps me calm and focus. Adekunle Gold’s songs, among all, inspire me, especially his new song, IRE.”

Right now, he hopes to own his art studio and reach a wider audience on social media. “It will be a dream come true to have the opportunity to exhibit my works in different countries all over the world.”

graphite artist                    graphite artist

On youth empowerment, he says, “Our youths need to be invested in, too bad our country can’t do that for us because of poor economy due to corruption. Nigeria is filled with so many talents, all we need are well equipped schools to train and nurture these talents.”

Connect with him via;

Instagram: @graphitewole

Twitter: @Toby_olowo



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