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Abraham Tobi Samuel also known as Anhydrous specializes in helping people find better expression through their writing.

He enjoys good writing, regardless of the genre and realized that a lot of people know what looks good but don’t know how to create or recreate it on their own. So he set out to help those people through editing.

Tobi who described himself as an introvert, said it has been an obstacle for him.

“Being an introvert has been quite an impediment on my part as it does affect the way I think and the way I do things. However, I’m learning to put my passion for helping others first and I am also learning to socialize more.”

As a writer, he is often inspired after a good healthy read. He comes out refreshed and more than ready to help others.

Tobi’s break through project was when he volunteered to edit a magazine called ‘The Voice’ this gave him the confidence that he was threading the right path.

“Shortly after I started out, I volunteered to edit a magazine for a major author. My efforts were commended and I had my name included in the magazine. I have since edited more than a few books for him and he’s still an important client.

As an author and writer, Tobi hopes to mentor new writers and help them present their ideas and dreams to the world in the most affecting way possible.

To Tobi, youth empowerment is about one discovering what the actually enjoy doing and helping others by grooming them.

“Youth empowerment means more than one thing. I’d say that a government who takes the affairs of youths to mind is needed. However, while we await that, I believe that a domino effect will be created when young successful people take other young people under them and guide them to be successful as well, helping them find where their hearts truly lie. A lot of youths do stuff today because their colleagues are doing it and are being successful. We need to reach deep down and help them fish out what they really love doing. Only then can we truly help people.”

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