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Meet Titilope – The OAP and Voice Over Artist

Titilope Adesanya is a South Africa based journalist currently working as an On Air Personality, producer, voice over artist, communications specialist for  leading digital distributor for African Music; Africori while building her communications / PR service for a niche market of African acts coming to / based in South Africa.


Talking about how she got started on her career path, Titilope in an email response to the interview  said ”honestly, there was no one thing. It’s been a continuous series of events that have guided me here. I must stress that I am still finding this so called career path.  Having said that, the theoretical answer to this would be that I began as a volunteer at a campus radio station (Voice of Wits) in the marketing department; this was towards the end of my first year studying journalism in college. I did this to get my foot in the door but also I knew I would be great at planning, events, branding and all that as I had a good track record of projects I had successfully carried out. I then moved to producing and News reporting / Presenting in my second year at VOW and then producing and presenting in my 3rd year there during which I began reaching out to other options and now, I am at Trans Africa  Radio as a content contributor, producer & OAP.”
Her biggest challenge so far has been patience ”understanding that in order for me to fly, I absolutely have to learn to crawl first and this takes times so I suppose the real challenge is ‘patience’. Patience to let myself blossom in one field before moving onto the next. Patience to sit through the pain.” she said.  “So I am constantly working to make sure I am not ‘Titi of all trades and master of none’. It’s a battle to slow down and focus on one thing before moving on to the next. Also, every day is a challenge when you can feel the work you are putting in but it’s not as tangible as you would like.”
A project that made Titilope really believe in herself was the time she worked with a group of young people and together they took at least 20 kids on a 3day summer camp. ”We’ve gone on to have 4 years of that, each year better than the last and for some reason, despite everything else I have seemingly achieved thus far, this somehow means more to me than everything else.” she said.

The radio OAP draws inspiration from nature and a lot of other successful people in the industry and around her ”I was brought up to see and appreciate everything around me and some days all I need is to look into the sun till I get slightly blind and I am all charged. I also draw inspiration from a lot of other successful people in the industry and around me, I am very easily influenced by my surrounding and I have managed to mostly surround myself with people who are constantly working and their achievements make me see how much farther I still have to go and so I push! I am also inspired or propelled rather by the situations I faced growing up, the struggles of the women in my life and even the ones I watched from a distance, helped me decide that I was going to live anyway but that! I wasn’t going to be limited and undercut because I was scared. I have seen enough scared women to last me a life time and I would like not to repeat their mistakes. The biggest of all the fires that push me is my mum. I don’t think she knows or maybe I haven’t ‘categorically’ told her yet but she is 100% the reason I do most things and not just so I can buy her stuff, naah but because she wants nothing less than the sky for me and I want to give her what she wants. So it works out for everybody. Also, I am inspired by my dream of a very luxurious quite life somewhere someday and I know only loads of money can give me that.”

Titilope will love to take  advantage of an opportunity that will get her to host a Travel show,”I think I want this so bad I would travel for the next 5 years.” she said.
On youth empowerment she said:
Every man’s path is different and while the government and the people do play a role in making it remotely possible for ‘that youth’ to walk his/her path, in the end, there is only so much we can expect from a badly run machine like Nigeria. 
So I don’t know honestly. I have never been much of a social development person hence haven’t given it much thought. I do things in cosy groups; I change my immediate surrounds. ‘The Youth’ is too vague for me to worry about.  
I worry about the friend or friend of a friend who is skilled in A & B but unemployed and I keep an eye out for her or make suggestions on what she/he could take up.  
You can connect with her via @missadesanya on social media  and check out her blogs  –

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