Meet Timi – The Bracelets Maker


Timileyin Ayodele Sanya, also known as Timi bracelets, is into the making of bracelets with quite a number of choice materials.

He started from loving any accessory for the wrist like wristwatches and bracelets. “My sister has always been into the making of necklaces from beads and she occasionally made bracelets too. So it all started in my final year in the university when my sister made a piece for me and almost everyone I came in contact with loved it. I took few lessons from her and that’s how we kicked off. I have learnt more designs and techniques over the years though, thanks to YouTube.”


Timi admitted that the country itself is a challenge. “If you are in a business basically for the profit in Nigeria, you will eventually be forced out of the market. I am still relevant in this business not because I am making millions but because I love what I do. The business is really not profitable at the moment because most of the profits go back into the purchase of materials, the big profits are coming for sure, as long as persistence is key. So for now we are DREAMING BIG AND STARTING SMALL. The business wasn’t where it is now years ago; we are growing. Another big challenge is interstate delivery; some of these drivers can’t be trusted.”

For Timi, Inspiration is everywhere. “A lot of things inspire my designs from long hours surfing the net to other people’s work on pinterest to color combinations and of course i won’t rule out the place of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I start without any idea of what I want to make and then I come out with a masterpiece.”


When asked about the project that increased his belief in others, he says, “I have been an inspiration to lots of people in and out of the fashion (Bracelet making) industry, that’s enough motivation to keep me going, enough motivation to make me believe in myself. I have also had couple nominations over the years; I recently got nomination by Union Bank.”

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Movinf forward, he is looking to work with top brands in and outside of Nigeria. “I have worked for a few though but I am looking at working for more. I am working towards being a top fashion brand to be reckoned with in Nigeria and getting grants for startup companies is something I also look forward to.”


Speaking on youth empowerment, he says, “Youth empowerment is a process where young people gain the ability and skills to make conscious decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people. It is a means of encouraging youths to do great things for themselves and also to make great impact in their society. One of the major ways the Nigerian youth can be empowered is that asides whatever course they have studied in school, THEY SHOULD LEARN ONE OR MORE SKILLS. The government should also help with the funding and teaching of skills to the Nigerian youths.”

Reach him on

Facebook: timibracelets

Instagram: @timibracelets @timitibility

WhatsApp: 08103500549


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