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Spoken Word by Temi


Temiloluwa Paul, also known as Temi or Temipaul is a poet and spoken word artist.

spoken word artist

The spoken word artist, who describes herself as a lover of children, has always loved to write.

Talking about her art, she says, “Oh, this question makes me smile. I’ve always written, to be honest. In fact, as a child, I’d write letters to my parents about stuff I wasn’t comfortable conversing about. I’ve always been a better writer than talker.”

“ Fast forward to 2005, this is when I started writing consciously. Azuka Enwemasor, my classmate at the time, consistently nudged me to write. He even gave me his blue Rap lyric book and would check on what I’d filled in. That’s one of my most treasured possessions till today. I’ll always love Azuka for starting me on this journey. Thanks, Mo’. Also in Babcock, circa 2010, ThankGod would challenge me to writing assignments. These men are the custodians of my journey into poetry and lyric-writing.”

“My parents were also very supportive. My dad would, for several years since I was 13, buy me a new journal every year. My mum is my biggest fan; she always encouraged me not to look down on my craft. She thinks I’m an incredible writer and shows off my work to EVERYONE. My stepmother encouraged me to start a blog and she even suggested the name “Temi, Published.” And that began my online journey.”

poet                                                   writer

“Till date, I’ve been featured on a few online platforms and one Theatre festival. Of course, the journey has had lots of hiatuses and valleys too. This year, I decided to be more deliberate about writing for profit so, please watch this space!”

Experiences, feelings and observation inspire her craft. “Also whenever I interact with great minds or great art, it starts a flow.”

Spoken word                                                   Poet

Connect with her via

Email: temiloluwapaul@gmail.com.

Twitter: @TemiPublished and Instagram as @temi.published

You can also meet her at open mic nights at Bogobiri and the odd gallery exhibition.

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