Meet T.K. – The 18 Year Old Author


Omotoke Solarin-Sodara also known as T.K Solarin is an 18 year old author who discovered her flair for writing when she was in Jss1.

” I can’t even explain it, let’s just say I picked up a pen and started to write when I was in JSS1.”

Although she has written a good number of books for someone her age, her favorite work is her Trilogy series. She best described it as one of her greatest projects.

“The book trilogy I wrote is one of my greatest projects. When I finished those books I didn’t believe I was the one who wrote it. That’s one book that made me believe I can do this if I put my mind to it.” 

When asked about what challenges she has faced so far, T.K said, “Let me just say I’m too early in my career path to say I’ve faced that much challenges but I have had a few and one of them is the competition I had to face in getting my books out there with the other authors on”

TK Solarin the authorToke’s source of inspiration is limitless as her inspiration can be drawn from anything. This results in her ensuring she has a book and pen wherever she goes.

As regards what type of opportunities she’s looking at taking advantage of, the young author said she seeks opportunities on book writing competition platforms. She believes this would give her the breakthrough she deserves in the writing space.

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Her take on youth empowerment is that youths can be empowered by creating awareness  to certain issues that affect them.

She added that “Holding youth empowerment programs is something that we have been doing that I think we should continue.”

You can connect with Toke via the following channels:

Her website :

Wattpad: @tksolarin to get to read all her amazing novels

Email: omotoke @


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