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Meet Suraj – The Honey Dealer


Surajuddeen Musa El-wakil, also known as El-surajh, deals in pure and original honey.

“We buy honey from rural areas where honey is collected to bring it to urban area, packaged it in affordable quantities and neat containers to sell it to people in hospitals, maternity homes, government offices, and other places. We also supply if demanded.

Speaking about how he started, he says, “I started from Secondary School, selling around my neighbourhood and to friends. That’s how it started, and the growth came from referrals.”

His mother is his greatest inspiration. “Her business ethics and her care for people made me who I am today. My mother used to sell groundnut cake to the people in the neighbourhood and also to pregnant women because it is said to be healthy for the baby.”

According to Suraj, his Honey business is one of his greatest achievements.” I feel happy seeing people buying in small affordable quantity for their healthy consumption.”

And now, he is seeking finance so as to expand and be able to sell honey in large quantity and affordable prices.

On youth empowerment, he believes Nigerian youths who have sellable ideas should be encouraged and supported both monetarily and in other ways.

Reach him on

Facebook: Surajuddeen Musa El-wakil

Phone Number: 07030353042.

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