Meet Showballer – The Graphics Designer


Showballer whose real name is Shobola Ibukunoluwa Odunayo is a Graphic Artist/Designer.

Ibukun’s talent is to bring ideas to life. He specializes in branding, book design and product design. He is currently developing himself in both photography and web designing.

When asked about his career journey he said, “For someone in this line of business, it’s basically about developing passion for it, get yourself a laptop, install softwares, watch/read tutorials, look up to a few designers ahead of you and learn something, no matter how small from them and their works, practice extensively, kick off experiments with minor projects from friends and family, get better, get paid by mistake, get motivated and keep at it. Constant practice will make works end up better and neater, then before you know it, you’re stuck. Look in your mailbox, check your whatsapp, there goes a new brief. Then a career is in motion.”

Some of Ibukun’s major challenges include friends who enjoy his services without paying, being unable to afford expensive softwares and gadgets resulting to him having to deal with cracked versions of softwares which eventually leads to glitches. He also stated that lack of electricity is a major obstacle for him as that requires him spending a huge fraction of his earning on fuel.

“I also encounter inconsiderate clients. Trust me, they exist. But it comes with the job so you have to develop a thick skin and mild heart. Finally breaking even is a huge challenge too. How do you start earning from your initial projects from friends and family members who don’t want to pay? How do you price? How do you build your clientele. These little questions get answers to as you continue in the frontline. It’s only a matter of time” He said.

As a graphics designer, one undoubtedly has to be creative and it is a known fact that inspiration fuels creativity. Ibukun says his inspirations come from anywhere.

“Inspirations from designs can come from anywhere. A book. A person. Conversations. The Bible. A car. Basic arrangements. Previous works done by previous designers. A random social media post. Images from Google, Pinterest etc. For me, ANYWHERE.”

His most exciting project was the recent Femi Leye ‘Ekaabo’ Concert. He saw an opportunity to handle the creatives for a full concert and he willingly grabbed it. Other opportunities he currently seeks are proper advertising courses as well as 3D web design courses.

Ibukun is disheartened that Nigerians don’t take youth empowerment seriously because he believes a country’s strength lies in the youths.

“The strength of a nation its in the number and energy of her youths. Anything that will stand the test of time has to be passed on to an empowered younger generation. It’s the way things are done with business empires that have stood for decades and centuries. It’s only just sad that we don’t take this very seriously around here. First, youths can be empowered with basic problem solving skills. This comes with adequate knowledge as regards field of interest. Basic entrepreneurial skills is also needed to properly kick start problem solving.  Mentor-ship can also come in handy in this regard.”

Showballer can be contacted via his email address and social media platforms.


Twitter and Instagram: @IbkDaGreatest @showballervisuals (another instagram account)

Facebook: Showballer IbukunOluwa


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