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Meet Seun Akinwale – The Fashion Designer


Seun Akinwale, also known as UK, is a fashion designer, a draper and a pattern maker.

“I worked with kese Jabari as a PA and sketch designer from 2000 to 2003. Working with him really inspired me to start up.”

“Also, a mental picture gives me more inspiration than what I feel around me.”

When asked about a venture that increased his confidence, he says, “I was part of the rhythm Africans project and I saw fashion at its peak.”

Now he is looking for the opportunity to expand through infusion. “The possible advantage about my expression is unique and visible through infusion. Fashion and Art could harmonise to produce unique designs.”

Youth empowerment, according to him, is a welcome idea but the greatest empowerment is to equip the mind.”

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Phone Number: 08037750912

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