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Meet Serah Kassim – The Pattern Maker


Serah Aduragbemi Kassim, also called SK (Serah Kassim), is a Pattern Maker, Fashion designer and the Creative Director for the Women’s clothing brand, Serah Kassim. “I make Patterns for sale and tutor too.”

When asked about how she started, she says, “Growing up in a family where my Grandma was referred to as “Tailor abepetesi”, meaning “Tailor beneath the stairs” and my mum who was a tailor, I’d say Tailoring was a thing I was born into, even though sometimes to people it might sound cliché.”

“I remember having extra badass uniform during social days in secondary school was cool (if you went to a boarding house, I’m definitely sure you can relate). So I remembered always asking my mum to make me some but you know my mum being my mum would refuse and insist she would put me through cutting and then I do the rest myself. It was cool because it was a thing to be proud of when I got back to school, knowing everyone wanted to wear my outfits.”

“After I graduated from secondary school and gained admission to the University of Lagos, I continued making cool outfits for myself and started getting recognition. Right there, I knew I was solving a problem and knew I wanted to be a fashion designer.”


Speaking about challenges, she says, “I have encountered different challenges in my business. Having little or no constant power supply is definitely one. Having to run on generators increases cost of production. Also because I am still a start-up and can’t afford to outsource, I have to be my own social media handler, PR person, Brand strategist, Supervisor etc without one getting into the way of the other is something that requires a lot of work and balance.”

She draws inspiration from God and her mum. “My first inspiration is from God, his constant reminder of how much he loves me and how he’s never going to leave or forsake me and then my mum, she inspires me a lot. She is so strong and has been a huge inspiration, she’s very supportive. My brother always pushes me to be better. My friends are amazing and my business loudspeakers. My fashion godparents, April by Kunbi and Yousef Aljasmi, inspire me; they make me feel I can be anything I want to be in fashion as long as I put my mind into it.”

Although, she has done many noteworthy, two stand out for making her believe in herself; Learn a subskill with Serah Kassim and The Tony Elumelu Foundation.


“Learn a subskill with Serah Kassim” is a yearly project I do (this year’s was the second edition), where I give back to people in March for free, teaching them about fashion and its business and I must say it’s been amazing and the feedbacks have been great. This year, we expanded and I invited in fantastic tutors like Deborah of Sena brushover, a makeup brand, Stephanie of Nyneandnuel brand, a shoe making company, Ella of EllaEmanuel brand, a big company, and Anda of Lazywrita, a PR company. They came around and taught on their different skills this year, it was beautiful. And then the Tony Elumelu Foundation, it’s a foundation with a goal to render help to over 10000 entrepreneurs over the course of 10years with seed capitals and I’m an alumnus of the wonderful initiative.”

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On the next opportunity she is looking for, “I’m looking forward to being a Mentee at Wimbiz, I tried last year but I didn’t make the slot but I’m not a quitter so I’d try again and again and again. I will also like a scholarship opportunity to study Fashion at a reputable fashion school abroad. I have big dreams, you know, so I never can tell who is going to read this and would be interested in sponsoring me.”


Serah Kassim believes Empowerment is great. “It helps add to the economy and income of a nation and first of all, I must say well done to every genuine empowerment body that have been doing their bits to empower people. The Nigerian youths can be empowered by first of all, making the environment conducive to support entrepreneurial dreams, most times people implement these ideas and then the environment looks for ways to either slow the growth or destroy it completely.”

“Empower the youth by making and giving good policies that can help bring dreams to reality. Start-ups can be helped with utility bills also for a considerable number of years. I think government should create bodies that assist entrepreneurs in pooling rent together, because these bills are generally outrageous for even start-ups.”

“But thank God for social media; we all can afford social media spaces. Then finances, they are bodies doing that but sometimes a lot of awareness are not made or sometimes the processes aren’t right. Every dream needs finance and capital for it to be implemented.”

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Instagram: serahkassim

Twitter: serahkassim


WhatsApp: 08078781566

Phone Number: 07037861486

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