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Meet Samuel – The Low-cost School Administrator


Ehikhuemen Samuel Omonigho runs a low-cost nursery and primary school with a curriculum centred on using enterprise education as major tools in learning.

Speaking on how he started, he says, “Back in my post graduate days, I rented a house in a compound that had a lot of kids. So when I got back from my lectures in the evenings, the house will be buzzing with noise.”

“In order to stop that, I usually will tell the kids to bring their books into my room and I will teach them. After a while, my room wasn’t enough as they told their friends about me and in no time, the kids I was taking for free were up to forty (40). That’s how the journey to founding a school started.”

Samuel draws inspiration from knowing that after a month or two of enrolling, a child begins to change positively and they look forward to getting to know more. Feeding a child’s curiosity with answers inspires him.

Teaching a student to success just six week before the exams was a confidence booster for him. “There was this time we had a strike back in university and I had to keep myself busy until we resumed. So I started a lesson and after a week, a neighbour came by to ask if I could tutor her daughter just six weeks till her external senior secondary school leaving certificate examinations. So I took the challenge and taught her dutifully until her examinations. When the results came out, she got a ‘B’. So I said to myself, “Sam, you are born to teach.”

Moving forward, “I am looking for an opportunity to really develop a self-written curriculum that will be universally acceptable to teach kids to keep their interests in being useful to the society and be competitive with their peers worldwide.

He also gave his opinion on youth empowerment. “Nigerian youths can truly be empowered if the ideology of creativity, can-do spirit and self-sufficiency is inculcated in very sphere of our learning process.”

Reach him on

Instagram: @luvablesam, @patuland_academy

Phone Number: 07033382484

Address: Plot 13 road 2, Owode community Airport Road Akure, Ondo State

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