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Meet Samuel – The Digital Marketer


Samuel Babatunde Taiwo, also known as DJ Tee Flamez, is a Computer Network Engineer and also a Disc jockey.”

“I took much time to develop myself by diversifying into other part of ICT. I was inspired by the desire to impact knowledge and help both young and old build their career. I am always sad when I meet Computer Science graduate, who after spending time and money to acquire a degree and they don’t have theoretical knowledge to help them in the labour market.”

When asked about a project that increased his belief in himself, he says, “I took a public lecture in school teaching both students and staff the role of Digital Marketing with social media.”

Now, Samuel is seeking for opportunities to get jobs, ICT Seminars and training, grants for my start-up.

On youth empowerment, he says, “I believe that so much of the problem of Nigeria is hinged on lack of power of supply. The truth is if we did not have the issue of power supply that we do in the country, many youths will not only be encouraged to start a business but actually excel when they do. Also it is important we deal with youths based on their specific strengths and weaknesses instead of forcing them into a niche we think will fit them. Work with their individual talent and we are bound to see them shine.

Connect with him via

Phone: 07035307161
Instagram/Twitter: Djtee flamez

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