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Meet Samson – The WebGuru


Samson Ameh, also known as WebGuru, provides school management portal to Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Speaking about how he started, he says, “2 years ago I was strolling around my area and before I could walk 20minutes distance, I already walked past 5 schools. When I got home I pondered and the idea of providing them a service that I will continually make from was drawn out on paper. Couple with the fact that I am a web developer it made everything easy.”

Samson draws inspiration came from the passion he has in I.T as well numerous schools around.

Two websites that he designed comes to mind when he was asked about a project he did that increased his belief in himself. They are and

And now, he is looking forward to opportunities within the I.T world.

The WebGuru believes youth empowerment can be achieved by encouraging and developing the skills of the youths, providing funding to SMEs and through mentorship.

Reach him through his online forum:

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