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Meet Reuben – The Tailor


Reuben Odepeli, also known as Peli or Donpelio, is a Tailor. “I sew male and female clothes.”

“I am an Electrical Electronics Engineer by profession. In 2017, jobs were no longer coming like before and things were very hard. One day, I went to visit my mum who had a sewing machine at home. It occurred to me then to learn tailoring. So I went to a tailoring shop close to my house to learn but the cost of apprenticeship that the tailor mentioned was too outrageous for me. Wondering what I could do after that, I remembered the internet was there for me to learn. I started vigorous research and that was it. Right now, I can sew male and female clothes.”

Reuben asserted that it was the hardship that inspired him.

When asked about a project he did that served as a confidence booster, he had this to say, I went out on a particular day to market my business when I met the owner of a Mobile Banking shop close to my area. He asked me if I could sew jacket and long sleeve for his staff and I said yes. He gave me the job and when I delivered the job, he appreciated the outcome. That was when I knew I could do this and incidentally, that was my first job and my first pay in sewing.”

Moving forward, “I would love to work with professionals in fashion and design to learn more from them and also to be exposed in the world of fashion. I am currently following the works of certain fashion designers and I believe I will meet them someday.

Concerning youth empowerment, he believes the government should give priority to knowledge because knowledge is power. And by impacting knowledge to the youths, they would be empowered to be what they aspire to be.”

Connect with him via

Facebook: Reuben Odepeli

Phone Number: 08032649797



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