Meet Qudus – The Photographer


Qudus Oladimeji Balogun, also known as Quilox, is a Photographer.


He started his journey into photography by taking pictures with a Smartphone. “How I got started is quite interesting. It all started while I was in Ibadan for my A levels, I usually took pictures with my Smartphone. Initially it was for fun but the feedback and comments I got from people motivated me to do more and develop my skill and passion towards photography.”

He noted the challenge he had getting a digital camera in order to move from using a Smartphone. “One of my greatest challenges since I started photography was getting myself a digital camera. I had to lend money from my boss at work and to pay back; I worked for eight (8) straight months without salary. That period of time was so hard for me, because there was no one to support.

He mentioned a young female Photographer and the streets when asked about his source of inspiration. “I will say Nora Awolowo, she is a young female Photographer like me. She strives to achieve greater things and she is a goal-getter not just a dreamer. I really do admire her courage and I also draw inspiration from her. Also, I definitely draw inspiration from the STREET, because on the street there is always a story to uncover.”

The project he embarked on that increased his belief in himself was a wedding he was invited to by a more experienced Photographer. “Early this January I was invited by a Photographer to anchor a wedding alongside him. It was my first time experience covering a wedding and also my first time of using a Speedlight. I was so amazed and fulfilled with the pictures I created on that day. It boosted my confidence so much.”

Photographer                     photography

When Qudus was asked about what opportunities he is looking forward to, he has this to say. “Currently now I am short of gadgets, so the greatest opportunity I can wish for now is to have someone fund me to get the gadgets and also enrol into a Photography Academy in order to gain more knowledge of the business.”

On youth empowerment, he opines, “There are no doubts that Nigeria is a nation where the opportunities are boundless. That is why today we can see a trend in different youth empowerment programmes, Youth empowerment is a great initiatives for the Nigerian Economy in the sense that it empowers youth to be independent and it also create job opportunities. Nigerian youths can be empowered through skill acquisition programs, youth employment programs, proper funding for youth programs, talent management, social entrepreneurship among others.

You can connect with him via

Instagram: @Holashots_Photography

WhatsApp:  07011322405

Twitter: @Holashots


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