Meet Adeola – The Diet Planner


Princess Adeola Adeyonu is a Diet Planner and the Head Chef at Deyon’s Kitchen. Deyon’s Kitchen is a food outlet that delivers food and foodstuffs as well as indoor and outdoor catering for parties, conferences and seminars.

A year before she officially launched the business, she tested the waters by preparing delicacies for her friends in order to get their opinion on her cooking. She knew if it was mediocre, they would probably keep the comment at “thank you,” but a fantastic cooking would get accolades. Thankfully, she got more than “thank you.” And that was when she knew she was ready to launch.

To prepare further, however, she had to enroll in some online courses for chefs and digested many more materials on the catering business.

Like every entrepreneur, Adeola has had her fair share of challenges. The major one so far is combining business with academics. She is currently undergoing her Master’s program at the University of Ibadan and she admitted to the challenge of trying to cater to clients as well as concentrate on her studies. She also noted the challenge of payments, especially from friends and family, who do not consider separating the business relationship from the personal relationship.

Her greatest inspiration are her mother and her grandmother, both of whom, she described as great cooks. She was also inspired by a lady, called Bukola, who showed her the intricacies of the business aspect.


For Adeola, successfully catering an event of more than hundred people, for the first time ever, was what cemented her believe in herself. She was naturally scared at first about the number of people and her ability to deliver but surprisingly, everything turned out more than she expected and she was able to get four more clients based on that job.

Still, there is more to be done. She looks forward to having a space for her own kitchen, which would also serve as a breakfast and dinner spot for her customers. Additionally, she hopes to have access to funding in order to boost the business and to procure necessary equipment.

Adeola believes youth empowerment is when abilities and qualities are given to the youths.

“Youths can be empowered when they have access to quality education, access to vocational and entrepreneurial training and when they are given the necessary support as well as detailed information needed to start on their own.”

You can connect with Adeola on:

Facebook Adeyonu Princess Adeola or her business page at Deyon’s Kitchen

Instagram: @deyonskitchen

WhatsApp: 07032055268

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