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Prince Oladokun Emmanuel, also known as “Phoenix Prince”, is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about investing and nurturing children, youth and young adults towards greatness.

He does this through private and public speaking platforms, conferences, talk shows on air and more, all geared towards raising transgenerational global brands of excellence in every industry.

In his early years, Emmanuel realized that his life treaded a path that required him to add value and propel new ways or methods of doing things. One major occurrence was that he was always singled out from the crowd for leadership positions. At that point, he knew he had an inexhaustible reservoir in him that the world depended on.

He’s presently the MD of Dynasty Global Conglomerate, a subsidiary of OTASE Group of Companies – an organization that invests in child education through seminars, workshops and empowerment programs. However, that didn’t come so easy because as a young chap, he almost always fell victim to depression and inferiority complex. But through growing as a Christian, he has been able to overcome these challenges and uses this as a motivation to help other young people.

With Bishop David Oyedepo (President of Living Faith Church Worldwide) as his mentor, Emmanuel invested more into his personal development through books, messages, conferences and so on. It was in the course of addressing his challenges that he discovered his passion. He had the burden to address children and young adults who were confused, stranded, hopeless, illiterate and poor. This was born out of his disdain for seeing children hawk on the streets.

He draws his inspiration from the Bible and other books, as well as works from his mentor and other accomplished people in different fields.

According to Emmanuel, his anchor is, “You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life. If you fail or succeed, it’s totally your fault.”

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He believed more in his abilities to lead when he occupied 3 different leadership positions while on NYSC camp during his service year. He was able to successfully lead his Platoon to win several competitions and awards, amongst other exploits in the different departments he led.

He was also surprised at his ability to lead the Corpers’ fellowship as the President. This enabled him carry out community projects and make record-breaking feats, like holding the first ever music concert, that the fellowship had never recorded before.

Emmanuel is on the lookout for greater and higher frontiers in business, academics and career. He’s seeking for opportunities and platforms in religious, social, academic, and professional gatherings both locally and internationally, so he can add more value to his world and generation.

When asked about his opinion on youth empowerment, he stated that, “Empowerment is only achieved when there is; Exposure to right Information, right networking and human resources, revelation and illumination, vision and direction for the youth and conscious personal development.”

You can connect with Emmanuel via:, 08146346555 or on Instagram @phoenix_prinz.

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