Meet Precious – The Photographer


Precious Ejayeta Ogaga, also known as Yeta, is a photographer.

Talking about how he started, he said he has always loved taking pictures. “I usually took pictures of my family, friends and of nature. They were so impressed and encouraged me to continue so I decided to learn photography professionally.”

photographer                     phototgrapher

His major challenge is lack of equipment. “My biggest challenge at present is not having a camera and other equipment. I have missed out on some opportunities because I don’t have it. I can’t go out for wedding shoots with a phone and there are images I’ll love to create but my phone cannot really capture and produce what I desire.”

The photographer draws inspiration from the environment and his thoughts. “I see the beauty in things and desire to capture the moment before it passes. My friends also inspire me, I’m moved to capture the moments I have with them. I generally love to create and capture moments.”

photographer                                  Photography

When asked about the projects that made him believe in himself, he said, “that would be the personal photo sessions I engaged myself in, I shot myself and was able to communicate my thoughts and emotions in a way that others could appreciate and relate with it. That’s when I really started believing in myself. The ability to create the desired image is awesome.”

Moving forward, he desires to own a camera and hopes for the opportunity to work with an established photographer so as to learn more and see things from a different perspective.

Precious believes “youth empowerment is necessary. More focus and funds should be directed towards it to get young people off the streets. The Nigerian youth can be empowered by having their ideas heard and given a platform and support with proper training to help and promote their vision. The funds should also be given and monitored to ensure proper application of such funds.”

You can contact him on

Instagram: @dah_yeta .
WhatsApp and Call: 08097439143.
Offline: He lives in Benin


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