Meet Phranklin The Zobo guy - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

Meet Phranklin – The Zobo Guy


Phranklin Aminu Audu is also known as ZTEA, ZOBO GUY, DADDY ZTEA, MR ZOBO among others. He makes good old refreshing Zobo Drink in fruity Teabags.

Talking about how he started, he says, “my earlier career involved helping develop and nurture SMEs from zero to export ready enterprises. So I was basically helping other people build their dreams and empires (laughs). And somehow I discovered I had to do same for myself.  You know they say if you don’t pursue your own dreams, someone else would pay you to build theirs. So that’s pretty much my story.”

He admitted to have faced challenges in different measures too. “I would say my early career prepared me for the challenges ahead. So yes I was quite prepared for the bumby ride. Everybody knows entrepreneurship is no joke and I dare add, not for the faint hearted. The sleepless nights are almost infinite. You almost have no time for social relationships.”

Meet Phranklin The Zobo guy - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

“But your biggest currency is the hope that your commitment will eventually be worth all the effort. No need to add that business would be much better if we had better power, or if the banks were more friendly towards SMEs.”

“Yes there are many issues with regulatory institutions almost becoming major obstacles to the growth of SMEs but the truth is that most small business owners do not have and do not seek as much information as they should before starting out. So when they start, they stumble along the way and are quick to blame it on the government or even their village people (laughs).”

“More so, while we know it could be better, I’d like to commend the government for the little it’s doing towards creating an enabling environment for SMEs particularly with the establishment of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC).”

Meet Phranklin The Zobo guy - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

Phranklin is inspired by life itself and the environment. “I’m often motivated by other people’s success stories. Particularly when I know you’ve earned success through hard work, commitment and drive.”

Having impact on small businesses was a confidence booster for him. “I mentioned earlier that my early career involved helping nurture small businesses. The belief itself grew over time seeing new businesses spring up from nothing to major success stories.”

Now, they are looking to expand their range of products. “The Zobo product value chain is quite fascinating and we have only barely scratched the surface. Access to the global market is a major goal but value addition is what we preach. We do not subscribe to exporting commodities in their raw forms; because when you export commodities, you conversely export our jobs. How can the government celebrate exporting Zobo leaves when you can export ZTEA or other beverages from the same Zobo leaves?”

Meet Phranklin The Zobo guy - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

“People need to be empowered,” he opines. “Government cannot do it alone, it’s a collective thing. As for the Nigerian youth, they are some of the smartest beings God created; smart, intelligent and a never-say-never spirit. The Nigerian youth knows how to thrive even in the most unpleasant circumstances.”

“I believe the Nigerian youth is innately empowered. It’s just natural to us. He only needs to believe in himself and pursue his dreams passionately. A little more encouragement is all we need. Create an enabling environment where creativity and industry can thrive.”

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