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Peter Adeleke Oyenuga, also known as Peter Petrelii, is a film-maker.

Peter developed the passion for film making due to the desire to make improvements in the Nigerian film industry. “I grew up loving movies and there were missing elements I needed to see in our own African/Nigerian films. This desire created a passion in me to make those elements evident in our films and share them with the world. I started out by piecing footage together and editing them just for fun. But with time I realized I couldn’t do so much professionally without getting a better idea of the entire film-making process. That made me delve into other aspects of film-making (cinematography, directing, sound design, etc) which has really been helpful in my career, but there’s a whole lot more to learn.”

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The film maker noted that his major challenge is the inaccessibility to modern film-making tools and accessories. “The most important and readily available tool in film-making is your STORY. Without a story, a film cannot be made. But in telling that story, using certain tools will help you tell a more convincing story. In this part of the world, accessibility to such modern tools is either impossible or expensive and filmmakers resort to going old school or using “run and gun” method. Personally I have decided to make the best with whatever tool I find within my disposal. As they say, the best “tool/camera” is the one you are holding, but having access to more modern film-making tools will help my career a whole lot.”


He draws inspiration from other movies, especially Hollywood movies. He also learns a lot from other people’s works and draw inspiration from them and he acknowledged the internet for this.

Speaking on the project that made him believe in himself, he has this to say, “One project that convinced me that I was meant for this is one of my short films titled BROKEN. It was shot on a smart phone with zero budget and it tells a very simple story about the effects of drug abuse and domestic violence. The movie was created using minimal gear and just a smart phone under 3hrs. It was a huge challenge not having access to sophisticated equipments but at the end, it came out great. Looking at reviews from industry experts for the film made me realize I could do so much more if I don’t limit myself. The Movie “BROKEN” went on to win “BEST NIGERIAN MOVIE” at the just concluded AFRICAN SMARTPHONE FILM FESTIVAL.”

Now, he is hoping for funding to do more. “I could do with a lot of financial boost and a platform to showcase my craft right now. Funding is a major challenge with the african/nigerian film industry. Making a great movie can be pretty expensive and the budget is what we lack in this part of the world.

He opines on youth empowerment, “I honestly don’t think the government is doing enough for the youths in our country. I feel like they are doing more harm than good because the average NIGERIAN youth, compared to other developing countries, hardly gets the platform or opportunity to express themselves and add value to the society. But I’m glad some individuals have taken it upon themselves to play the role of the leaders by empowering the youths, giving them scholarships and sponsoring their projects for the development of the society. There are non-profit foundations out there geared towards equipping the youth for a better Nigeria. I believe if the government partner with these foundations, the growth process can be faster and the youths of our country can believe more in the development of the country and in themselves.”

Connect with him via

Instagram and Twitter: @peterpetrelii

Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube: OYENUGA Peter


Mobile Number: +2348181252271

A link to the his mobile short film, BROKEN:


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