Meet Pearl – The Flight Attendant & Fashion Designer



Iheanacho Tina Ada a.k.a Pearl is a fashion designer and a VVIP flight attendant. Pearl always had passion for both professions and this led her go for proper training.

As a flight attendant, Pearl has faced many challenges including men who criticize the profession by insinuating most flight attendants are sex workers.

“Some say It’s a risky job not meant for women, some say I can’t have my own life and ask how I find suitors. Some passengers see us as maids and they can be very petty. So no matter what, you just have to remain calm and keep smiling. But then, it’s something I have passion for and can’t see myself not doing. Flying is fun.”


She also talked about the challenges she faces as a fashion designer. “Initially most people made it look like it was meant for illiterates. Then, some customers are hard to please. There’s also the issue of not being able to meet up with deadlines especially when I’m not feeling too well. But then sewing is fun.”

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Pearl’s inspiration comes from her creator, role models and her late sister and mother.

“First of all from my creator,my role models, when am alone with my thoughts, then whenever I think of my late sister and mum, I just want to make them proud.”

Her most exciting experience when flying was when she had the governor of Gombe state and his aide on board. While her most exciting fashion design project was when she made her first dress with a patch work.

Pearl would like the opportunity to have a permanent job in flying as well as a sponsor to showcase her fashion to the world.

When asked about youth empowerment, Pearl said it should be given more chance to thrive
“youth empowerment is a great idea that should be given more chances to grow and help youths looking for the light. The Nigerian youth can be empowered through creativity and dedication. If every youth can be creative and dedicated, Nigeria is already a better place.”

You can contact Pearl via the following channels listed below:
Whatsapp and calls : 08098469666
Facebook: iheanacho pearl
Instagram : priceless_pearl26


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