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Meet Peace – The Female Artiste


Peace Moulders is an artiste and cake designer.

“I started recording back then in the university in the Philippines, I was really motivated by my performance in some of the talent shows and concerts I participated in which I won first place in some and was runner up in others.”

“I formed a band in school comprising of all Nigerians and we won the battle of the bands twice … at the college level and overall. I was also the voice of maritime etc. I must say to excel in a country where one can find the best voices in the world became a catalyst to taking up music seriously. I recorded a few tracks in 2016 and one of the tracks is set for a music video shoot but still pending due to insufficient funds with little or no external support.”

“As a cake designer, it all started in school but I have not been able to launch out fully due to lack of fund.”

Peace draws inspiration from God, nature, listening to other works from people who she connects with, reading and sometimes from discussions.

When asked a project that made her believe in herself, she says, “I formed a Nigerian band (the Amazing Band) in school. We participated twice in the student week and we won, even though I was the only singer. I also put in for solo performances some of which, I won and ended up as runner up for others.”

“I started believing in myself when I put in for these contests and been the only Nigerian that was able to take up such was challenging. I had my fellow Nigerians talking me down, telling me that I was no match for my Filipino counterparts and all. I didn’t let their discouragement get to me.  After I won, they all started believing in me and this made a lot of other Nigerians to break out of their shell and they started putting up for various competitions.”

Now, “I want all the support I can get to express myself through my music. My tracks have been lying dormant for years now and I feel locked up inside. It’s not all about the money, it’s about the joy and fulfilment that comes with expressing oneself through music.”

I am also open to promotional, recording, mentorship opportunities as well as features, funds and all there is to make it to the top. I am open to minister in anywhere as far as it will bring joy to their hearts. I just want to sing to impart positively in the lives of people.”

Nigerian youths, she believes, can be empowered through mentoring, funding, trainings both leadership and entrepreneurship.

Reach her on

Facebook: Peace Moulders

Instagram: @peace_moulders

WhatsApp/Call: +2349059688547


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