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Meet Onyinye – The Freelance Artist


Sylvia Onyinyechi Ugoala is a freelance artist / painter working mostly with Charcoal and graphite for her drawings and oil paints for her paintings.

When asked about how she started, she has this to say, “I’ve always loved drawing and working with my hands right from when I was a child. I always knew I could draw, but my little mind restricted itself to drawing little princesses and their flowing gowns. As I grew up, I realized that I could do so much more and really enjoyed doodling, making cut-outs and designs on paper. But, I actually really connected with my creative side sometime in 300 levels, and I’ve been drawing and painting professionally since then.”

According to her, her biggest challenge is time. “I’m a medical student, and medicine requires a great deal of focus and attention, leaving me with little or no time to do other things, let alone draw. And as a hyperrealist, a lot of time has to be spent perfecting every spot, every sweat pore, and every crease on the skin. It can indeed be a herculean task combining both. But as they say, ‘If it matters, you will make the time’. I’ve had to cut down on the time I spend on a lot of other things to make out time to draw. It’s all about finding the balance. I’ve still not gotten it perfectly though, but I’ll keep working at it.”

The freelance artist could not pinpoint exactly where she got inspiration from but she says, “I’m mostly inspired to keep drawing, because I want to get better at it and I like the challenge.  Sometimes, I see something really complicated and beautiful and I say ‘Oh I would like to try my hands on this’. Each and every single drawing is a different experience, because you have to modify your technique to suit whatever surface you want to portray, be it skin, wood, fabric, whatever at all. I have realized overtime that this has really helped me improve, because I like taking on difficult tasks, just to see how far I can go.”

The project she embarked on that made increased her belief in herself was when her friend asked her to make a portrait of her dad for his birthday. “After I drew and framed the work, she presented it to him on his birthday and he was ecstatic! So much so that he asked her to come and order another one, still using the same picture and specifications. This really got to me and I was excited that someone could really like my work enough to want to own two identical portraits and was willing to pay for them.”

Onyinye is open to buyers and lovers of art and artworks. “All my drawings and paintings are for sale (except my commissioned works). Those interested in getting portrait works, might also contact me as well.”

“The Nigerian youth can be empowered,” she believes. “Young people need to be encouraged to take charge of their lives. Too many people spend so much of their time on wishful thinking and hoping that everything would fall into place, without actually getting up and doing something about the unpleasant situation. They fail to realize that time, which is our most valuable asset, waits for no one. Youths need to have a firm grip on reality and be well informed, by improving their access to resources that can transform their consciousness. This would go a long way in securing our future.”

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Phone number: 08100517747
Instagram: @sylverriee
Twitter: @sylverriee
Facebook: Ugoala Onyinye
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