Meet Onyinye – The Creative Director of Akubia Nigeria


Onyinye Udeh is the Creative director for Akubia Nigeria, a Nigerian start- up Fashion accessories brand. “We produce and sell value-priced, durable and beautiful fashion accessories, that is, Handbags and Footwear.”

She has this to say when she was asked how she started. “Akubia Nigeria is a business born out of my passion for fashion, a yearning desire to encourage home grown local manufacturing and the dream to one day export and sell globally competitive great quality shoes, handbags and other accessories within and outside Africa.”


“Akubia Nigeria is barely five Months Old, and we started small with a few designs, and also by doing custom jobs for people. Currently we are working on some collections we hope to release soon. So watch out for us, because we plan on dominating the Nigerian market soon.”

One of the major challenges she has faced so far is finding sustainable supply of some of the raw materials needed. “For instance when we make a design, we may not necessarily find the same leather or fabric 3 month down the line to replicate the exact design.”

“Another challenge is trying to create sustainable structure for the business, considering the fact that it’s a small start-up, and we are currently unable to afford certain services.”

Onyinye is inspired by everything around her.

Being able to start her brand was a confidence booster for her. “Honestly, just being able to have gone from the idea of starting Akubia Nigeria, to now being able to boast of very satisfied customers, within the short period of five months, makes me very proud. It has also helped me to reaffirm belief in myself that truly I can achieve whatever I set my heart out to do.”


“Akubia Nigeria is here to stay! We also aim to impact the communities around us through various Corporate Social responsibility projects.”

Now, “I am looking to take advantage of mentoring opportunities, business grants and media promotions. This will enable me to expand my business and increase my customer base.”

On youth empowerment, she says, “I believe we all know what the unemployment rates/minimum wage is in our country right now, so the importance of youth empowerment cannot be over emphasized. I believe that it is very important for the youths to find ways to empower themselves, it goes a long way.”

“ Some of the most successful people in the world today started small with little to no resources. Yes, it’s a difficult atmosphere we live in, but I believe every youth should find their passion, and figure out how to channel it to yield profit. Start small, where you are and with what you have! “The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is now!”

Reach her on

Instagram: Akubia.ng

Twitter: Akubia_ng

Facebook: Akubia.nigeria

Email: akubia.nigeria@gmail.com/

WhatsApp/ Call: 08183427188

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