Meet Onyinye – The Agric Entrepreneur


Miss Nabams whose real name is Adiebo Onyinye Esther is a rare talent who specializes in laptop repairs, farming and also poetry. Talk about diversity!

In Onyinye’s interview with The Spark, the enterpreneur disclosed how she started her farming business with only  N90,000.

“My present career is farming, I started with just 90k, it all started 2nd of April, when I traveled to my home town, I had just 90k left in my account, I thought about it, that if I should invest it in my laptop business with the current dollar rate, I won’t be able to buy more than two laptops. But if I should invest it on planting cassava and yam I will get much profit in the next year to come and I will also get seeds to plant next. So I got land from my dad, paid labourers to clear the bush and do the necessary processing. Along the line there was the need to add more money but it was worth it. I had a wonderful harvest and that encouraged me to continue”

Miss Nabams’ yams

As for the challenges, Onyinye has faced a lot. From getting her yams stolen, to her father gifting the villagers with it, to getting a good land to plant at an affordable price. But these are not enough to deter her. She gets her inspiration from her mother whose hardworking quality is what she tries to emulate.

When asked about what activities she had engaged in that led to her believing in herself, she said,

“I think one of the project I did that made me believe in myself was seeing myself through school while working as a computer techician. At the same time seeing my sister through her fashion school and my other younger sis through her secondary school with just N8000 salary with rent and other bills inclusive”

She is currently seeking agricultural empowerment program opportunities as she needs funding for her farming business. Her goal is to go into large scale farming. In the area of her poetry, she needs a platform where her works can be showcased.

Miss Nabams on her farm

Onyinye believes that the government should take youth empowerment seriously.

“I think if government should take youth empowerment programs seriously, it will reduce crime, bring out people’s potentials and also reduce the level of unemployment. Nigerian youths can be empowered if government makes it compulsory that every institution should include at least one or two handwork (vocational works) to every student’s curriculum and passing it should be a prerequisite for them to graduate.”

You can contact Onyinye via her social media platforms and email address.

Instagram – @estheradi1

Facebook – Esther Adiebo

WhatsApp – 08088770303

Email –

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