Meet Omowunmi – The Kids’ Clothing Entrepreneur


“I make ready to wear top quality and affordable clothes for kids. I’ve always had passion for creativity plus the need to have top quality clothes that won’t break the bank.” Omowunmi Adegun said when talking about what she does and the spark to her becoming an entrepreneur. She went on to say that her parents have always been her inspiration.

According to her, in the course of growing the business, a lot of challenges has been faced, chief amongst which are problems with electricity, getting skilled workers to do the job and gaining access to loans which is not easily accessible.

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“Being able to get my own production outfit started really made me believe in myself and what I can achieve,” @modojaplum stated. She hopes to be able to expand her business in the nearest future, therefore she is on the lookout for opportunities that would allow her to be able to do so.

“Youth empowerment can never be overemphasized. An empowered individual is a blessing to his or her environment. Youths need to imbibe a mindset of being creators of jobs rather thvan just to be employed. With this king of mindset, such youth, even when employed, would deliver the job role excellently.” Omowunmi concludes.

Omowunmi Adegun can be contacted @modojaplum on both Facebook and Instagram.

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