Meet Omolola – The Caterer


Omolola Subair is a Caterer.

While she was in school, Omolola used to think she’d end up as a career woman although she has always had a very special thing for cooking. “After I graduated, getting a job was quite difficult and I even proceeded for my masters. But somewhere along the line I sat my elf down and had a long conversation with myself and alas I came to the conclusion that cooking would be the next thing for me. And I am a believer of starting right so before I proceeded into the business, I went to get proper training on everything Catering and I also got my business registered. That was how it started.”

The two major challenges the caterer has encountered has been low patronage and finance. “In the part of the state where I am in due to circumstances beyond my control it’s so hard to get people to patronize because in this part of the country everybody has time to cook! Unlike here, I was based in Lagos where I could have easily gotten customers and the little ones I got here price everything ridiculously. And as for finance I still have not been able to get all the equipments I need for the effective running of my business and also I would have loved to relocate back to Lagos so I can really sell myself out there but lack of finance has been an issue.

She draws inspiration from her personal experiences.

The activity that increased her confidence in herself is cooking. “I did an event catering with just one help and I didn’t believe we could achieve all we did that particular day as the challenges were quite much.”

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Looking forward, “I am willing to take many opportunities that come my way as long as it’s of major benefit to my business.”

When asked about her opinion on youth empowerment, she opines, “Well, youth empowerment is a nice initiative and I give kudos to various organizations that are being set up solely for this purpose because they are doing a lot for the betterment of the Nigerian youths.

The Nigerian youth can be empowered in so many ways. There are various skill acquisition programmes that could be introduced to them because I believe no one is lazy; some of us actually just need a helping hand to become a better person. Also talking about skill acquisition, I believe after they might have acquired those skills, certain measures should be put in place in order to assist the youths in functioning well in their area of specialization.”

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