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Meet Omobolanle – The Events Consultant


Omobolanle Abioye is the CEO of the Cecil’s Events World, an organisation that manages events as well as owns a restaurant.

The interest to start her business was as a result of her desire to make a difference in the events and food business. She discovered that most food vendors do not care about the welfare of the customers and the desire to change that narrative drove her into business. “At Cecil’s Events World, we care about people’s health and welfare; that is why we make sure our surrounding is very neat and we also seek to empower more people by training them.”

The major challenge they face is pricing by their customers, who tend to compare them with other food vendors, forgetting that the difference in the service provided.

Cecil's Events World 

God is Bolanle’s greatest inspiration but the business prowess and industrious nature of her father has spurred her own, especially when the going gets tough.

Talking about the project that made Bolanle believe in herself, she stated that even before she launched her business, she worked as a project manager and secretary at her father company. So she was able to learn the intricacies of coordinating people, projects or events.

Still, she would love to work with the federal government of Nigeria to train youths (both male and female) and widows so that they can be self-employed. She would also love for her work to be featured in international magazines.


“There should be a synergy between the three tiers of government to make sure the youths are empowered because we are the future of the country. The youths can get empowered by the government by providing vocational training. Although it would be more effective if it is handled by the local governments because they are closer to people. Adequate start up capital should be provided for the business each individual is trained on and there should be proper monitoring of the whole process. This will go a long way in reducing the idle hands in the country.” She opines on youth empowerment.

You can connect with her on Facebook @ Cecil’s Eventworld,

Facebook page @ Cecil’s Events World

Instagram Cecil’s_Event_world

Offline, you can call and or send a message on WhatsApp : 07033122616 or 07017824403

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