meet oluwaseyi the environmental consultant - the spark youth emowerment platforms in nigeria

Meet Oluwaseyi – The Environmental Consultant


Oluwaseyi Emmanuel Onadiran, also known as Olusam, is Cleaning and Environmental Consultant.

meet oluwaseyi the environmental consultant - the spark youth emowerment platforms in nigeria

Speaking on how he started, he says, “My leadership skill is very flexible, though because I focus more on administration and facilitation than on leading from the front. My vast experience in administration and management helps me so much in running my career and moreover maybe because I value potential to credential so it was easy starting my own business.”

Oluwaseyi draws inspiration from music. “And most especially it might sound funny but sometimes I get inspiration when ironing my clothes.”

When he was asked about a project he did that served as a confidence booster, he had this to say, “Over the years, I have been able to build a cognitive achievement apart from establishing my own company. I engaged in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Monitoring Project on microfinance banks in the states and spearheaded the I.T department in the team. Also, I joined the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Lagos state Examination registration process team in 2017 where I and my team registered over 4000 candidates for the exam. All these were my major achievements over the years.”

Right now, he is seeking for funding and business development advantage.

“The Nigeria youth,” he believes, “can be empowered by encouraging them to discover and use their passion for good and also create awareness that failure does not mean quitting but continuity and lastly, they should never criticise their idea.”

Connect with him via

Facebook: @Onadiran Emmanuel Oluwaseyi

Instagram: @Onadiran

Twitter: @Onadiran Seyioluwa.

LinkedIn: @Onadiran Emmanuel Oluwaseyi.

Offline: 09098993389

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