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Meet Oluwasegun – The Professional Artist


Oluwasegun Godwin Chiazotam Osunwa, also known as Segzy, is a professional artist

Speaking about how he started, he says, “As far as I can remember, my first drawing was on the sand when I saw my elder brother draw a school bus on the floor. The first tool I ever handled was the pencil; then I discovered that I could pour out my emotions on paper, most times when I am angry, sad and all alone.”

“The pencil has been my companion, especially as an introvert then as a kid. Also, I saw my works improving as I could paint a better picture of my heart.”

“I became professional during my 200level in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri when I made a portrait for my course adviser as I fell in love with hyper-realism pencil art; it was like making paper come to life.”

“I wish to become better as I have always loved criticism and learning from those around me and online. I have been using my art to make an impact on lives I have met and I wish to show the world how to be a better place; like I always say, IT BEGINS WITH A PENCIL MARK.”

Oluwasegun draws inspiration from his mother and sisters. “My sisters and mom have kept me going right from growing up as a boy. Also, the likes of Kelvin Okafor and some other great artists have been the fuel of my art. Lastly, my fiancée, who is the joy in my heart, is a great motivator.”

He was asked of an event that increased his belief in himself and he gave a riveting childhood story. “I don’t know why I am telling this story, but I choose to say it; maybe it’s because it reminds me of my childhood. I remember being a dull student in my junior secondary school as I always came the last position in my class performances then and together with the academic bullies around, I gave up on myself.”

“We just moved to the Eastern part of Nigeria and I was still getting acquainted with my environment. I can never forget how I was embarrassed, disgraced and mocked by two girls in the neighbourhood and for the first time, I wanted to prove people wrong.”

“I got enrolled in a boarding school where the academic standard was high; I knew I was in for some real hard work. I moved from the bottom of the class to representing the school for various competitions, debate, maths and science and coming back with good results.”

“I graduated best in maths, science and overall (Premier Secondary School Orji, Imo State, Nigeria 2013 set). From the day I started believing in myself, I discovered that I could do anything.”

Oluwasegun is seeking an opportunity to meet great minds, go for seminars and get the opportunity to showcase his skills to the larger audience.

He believes there is no greater empowerment as letting a person know what stuff he/she is made of. “I have seen this in action coming across many lives I have put most on the right part. You will discover that most youths have this dependency syndrome that they can’t even realize their own potentials.”

“Taking this syndrome from someone can make him/her fly. I have seen people do things, go places they never thought they could; it’s like removing a scale from one’s eyes. I know that one day, I’ll reach out to the whole world and kill this syndrome where ever I find it.”

Reach him on
Instagram: Segzys_art
WhatsApp: +2348142166285
Facebook: Osunwa Chiazotam Godwin Oluwasegun


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