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Meet Oluwamayowa – The Techpreneur


Oluwamayowa Salu uses mobile solar powered cold carts to help smallholders farmers store their produce so as to avoid post harvest losses.

Speaking about how he started, he had this to say, “I studied agriculture at the University of Ibadan and currently live in a rural area with close proximity to smallholders farmers. The knowledge I acquired in the university and the experience I see farmers go through daily is the reason why I started and chose this career path.

Oluwamayowa is inspired by Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer for his professionalism and work ethics. “I am also inspired by Nigerian youths for their resilience and never say die attitude and I draw inspiration from my inability to give up.”

He mentioned leading a non-profit focused on combating malaria using innovations when asked about a project that increased his belief in himself. “I was able to introduce a new concept to tackle misinformation via the malaria comic book which I translated into several major languages spoken in Africa. The project impacted thousands of African children and also led to a brief work stint with Malaria No More, UK.”

Moving forward, he is looking to be the one to end the age long challenge of post harvest losses in Sub-Saharan Africa. “It will be a dream come true to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity wrapped as a huge challenge.”

The techpreneur believes youth empowerment is an essential ingredient to develop and move Nigeria forward. “With the evident rise in crimes in the society, youth unemployment, terrorism and all forms of social vices, youth empowerment in the areas of soft skills, technical skills, business development skills, job shadowing, internships, tailored learning, mentorship and even small business grants are some of the ways I think Nigerian youths can be empowered. The greatest empowerment of all is creating a society where any Nigerian youth anywhere can aspire to become anything they want with little efforts.”

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Twitter: @ibafighter
Facebook: Adepeju Salu

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