Meet Oluwafunmike The Pastry Chef - The Spark Youth Empowerment platform in Nigeria

Meet Oluwafunmike – The Pastry Chef


Oluwafunmike Anuoluwapo Pidan, also known as Phunkieyphresh is a seasoned Pastry Chef.

Meet Oluwafunmike The Pastry Chef - The Spark Youth Empowerment platform in Nigeria

Talking about how she started, she says, “Candidly, I wouldn’t say I started out as a pastry chef, I will describe it as a journey that has been consistently fueled by a passion to cater for “food” needs. Initially driven by the desire to cook and serve meals to family, friends, schoolmates, and even colleagues at work … yes I do have a day-job!”

She admitted to have faced challenges in her business. “I must admit, like every business owner in this city or country wide, we are often plagued with challenges in our businesses. These could stem from capital (financial), Human, Logistics, etc … The list is endless, but one major challenge so far is the availability of production resources, we seldom have to limit our recipes simply because of the challenge associated with accessing ingredients to create other menus. Electricity is also another major challenge. Poor electricity in the country affects our production a lot … like I said earlier, the list is actually endless but we got to do, what we got to do regardless.”

Speaking on gives her inspiration, she says, “I would say that my inspiration comes from the understanding that this is a form of art that needs to be expressed, and also the satisfaction derived from delighted taste buds. As for who, chef Antonio Bachour would always be a source of inspiration to me.”

The fact that she has created desserts for small, medium to large sized events, has given her the confidence and drive to improve on her “art”. “However and, most importantly, my belief has come from the home-front i.e. friends, family and close associates where I get a healthy dose of encouragements and criticism (yes I often do get criticized for certain decisions).”

Meet Oluwafunmike The Pastry Chef - The Spark Youth Empowerment platform in Nigeria

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Moving forward, she is looking for INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE. “An opportunity to meet with culinary artists, enroll for courses in top culinary institutions will be a big move for me at this stage in terms of the desired exposure.“

“The concept of youth empowerment cannot be over-emphasized,” Oluwafunmike opines. “We need to create a system where Nigerian youths understand the importance of having a skill/knowledge and this is NOT limited to formal education. These skills will in turn drive the economy in the long run, improve standards of living, and most especially reduce crime.”

Reach her on

Instagram: @Phreshtreats_ng

Facebook: @phreshtreatsng

Call/WhatsApp: 08068245032



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