Meet Dunsin – The Artsy Fashion Designer


Dunsin in one of her designs

Oluwadunsin Kehinde a.k.a ‘greatest ever’, is an inborn fashion designer who started designing as far back as her secondary school days.

As the founder and CEO of a female clothing line known as Mistress Lagos, Dunsin believes women should be in control and should command authority hence the name ‘Mistress.’

“I believe that as a woman, you should be in control and command authority and that is what I try to achieve with Mistress Lagos”

“I hand make outfits which make women feel confident” She said.

Despite her first class Honors in Mass Communication, Dunsin is determined to concentrate on fashion full time. When asked where she draws her inspiration from she gleefully said, “My motivation comes from the environment, art, culture and most especially women in general” 

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Dunsin in love with all of her works and is willing to take any and every “brilliant” opportunity that comes her way. Although her major challenges are lack of finance and proper marketing, she has managed to harness some of her media skills to help drive her brand forward.

Below are some of her designs:




Dunsin’s view on youth empowement is that it should start from within “Youth empowerment should start from within, before you can empower anyone you should also be empowered and I believe that for the youths to be empowered it will take a group of people who believe deeply and strongly about what they do and how they hope to change society. That way, you have people who are passionate about it and they’d promote the thinking of the youths positively, educate them and ensure they believe in themselves and they start figuring out what they want to do at an early stage”

You can contact her on Instagram @Mistress_Lagos.

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