Meet Olatubosun – The Surrealist


Olatubosun Omoloso, also known as Bosman, is an Artist, a surrealist (self taught) and an animator.

Olatubosun has always had the passion to create since he was a little boy. “I never knew art was something people value that much until 2015. Since I had no training and no one to teach me, I started learning on my own. I remember I spent a lot of time online trying to get ideas on how to improve my skills. I started out with portraits and after some time, I wanted more than that. I wanted to create art that passes a message across to people, so I started that.”

One of his greatest challenges so far is time. “I am currently a student and it hasn’t been easy balancing school work with my art. My parents didn’t support me at first but after going for exhibitions, getting some of my artworks on television and the fact that I make extra cash by the side, they started to have interest. Since I work mostly with dots, it could be very tiring sometimes but the overall result is always good.”

On how he gets inspiration, he says, “My artworks are first created in my head. Then I search for the best way to represent and depict it by combining different ideas from different sources.”

Commendation from social media is one thing that gives the surrealist confidence in his art. “I receive a lot of positive comments on social media about my works and the fact that some of them have been featured on channels television more than twice gives me a lot of confidence and assurance that people appreciate my works.”

Now, he hopes to participate in more exhibitions and art related events so he can showcase more of his art to the world.

On youth empowerment, he says, “With the current situation of the country, the leaders, the corruption, it cannot be overemphasized that youths need to empower themselves. Youths need to discover their talents, in art, music, etc, expand their potentials and find a way to enrich their world.

Connect with him via

Phone Number: 07033828353

Instagram: Bosman_arts

Facebook: Omoloso Olatubosun

Twitter: Bosman_arts


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