Meet Olabode – The Painter


Olabode Afeez Afolabi, also known as Bodex, is a Painter and Designer.

Talking about how he started, he said he has always had a passion for art and that motivated him to attend Art classes in Secondary School, and he is now in his final year, studying Fine Art, specialising in painting.


His major challenge is the same thing that most young artists face. “As a young artist, breaking forth and becoming prolific is not an easy task. There are just not enough platforms for young artists like me to exhibit our works and showcase our talents. The National Gallery of Art that is funded and charged by the government is not doing enough to help.”

The painter draws inspiration from many known artists and he says they inspire him a lot by what they have been able to accomplish. He also draws inspiration from his environment.


Talking about what made him believe in himself, he talked about his experience during his industrial training. “During my Industrial Training at the National Council for Art and Culture (NCAC) in Abuja, I was asked to create a scene depicting village by Mrs Ana, an American. She loved what I came up with and paid me for it and she bought one of my pieces when she was travelling back. That experience really made me believe in myself.”

Now he is looking for opportunities that will give him the chance to showcase his craft, talent, potential and his capability. He is also hoping for the platform to exhibit his artworks to the world and to connect with people.


For him, “youths can be empowered when the government provides good and profitable platform organises seminars and workshops aimed at helping the youths maximise their potential. And the youths themselves having an insight on what and what not to do, understanding that life is not by luck and there is no quick way to make money.”

Connect with him through

Facebook: @Icon Afolabi Olabode.

Instagram: @olabodey-arts

Phone number and WhatsApp number: 08180695407.

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