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Meet Ogochukwu – The Founder of Bounties Honey


Ogochukwu Nwachukwu, also known as OG, runs a healthy life style business called Bounties Honey, together with a Fabric business which consumes all of my time.

When she was asked about how she started, she says, “On my return to Nigeria, I experienced working the usual 9-5 job, but never felt fulfilled.  I must say that I embarked on the Fabric business, O & G Pieces, while in formal employment as an interest initially and found that it was indeed more than an interest but a natural passion as an entrepreneur.  I tried to do both but ended up loving and enjoying the business more.

“In addition, I had a health scare and had to change my eating habits and cutting sugar out was a major one, so I went in search of an alternate to sugar and other Healthy Life Style, and once again, the entrepreneur spirit kicked in and we now have Bounties Honey.”

On her challenges she said, “With all the great ideas flooding through for the business, I struggled to implement them in a timely way mainly because Nigeria, unfortunately isn’t yet an enabling environment for new businesses.”

Also, some other challenges I encountered are local logistics of moving products around (cost of transporting items, is more than the actual cost of the product); Statutory regulations (NAFDAC), the process is made near impossible; Inadequate qualified (or willing to learn) staff; and Customer feedback is lacking (doesn’t help business to improve.”

Ogochukwu draws inspiration from other entrepreneurs.” “I admire and take courage from what I see and hear about how they handle their business with so much vigor and determination despite the challenges we face in Nigeria just makes me want to do much more and not give up.”

Successfully transitioning from the comfort of paid employment to full time entrepreneur and going to Business School are the two ventures that made her believe in herself.”

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Now, she desires to push her brand/products to every household in Nigeria and premier stores.  “In addition, I will like to take advantage of the global trend in natural products to push my products internationally as a premier brand to stores outside of Nigeria.  As an aside, we recently just got into the Accra market and I’m so pleased about it. Nigerian brands are fast becoming a statement outside Nigeria and I was determined to be part of that export list.”

On youth empowerment, she asserts, “The Nigerian youth empowerment has become something to look out for and not sweep under the carpet.  We have a very young population, I believe as per the World Bank report; over 70% are below the age of 35. This young population is dynamic in nature in all aspects, effectively, taking hold of their destiny and embarking on different ventures with their hands and not doing generic jobs. Just take a moment to assimilate the diverse business out there, from leather, to fishery, cosmetics, the list is long.”

“The youths can be empowered by creating a hub to encourage their dream.  What I mean by a hub, is innovation centers that cater for the diverse businesses, so our youths know where to go and get the support of their specialized art/skill.

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