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Meet Nwamaka – The Digital Artist


Nwamaka Sophia Egbuna, also known as Rocky is a Digital Artist. She has always loved to draw as a little kid and started with drawing on paper, cutting papers into books and drawing comics with it.

Her device, when she first started drawing, was her major challenge. “When I first started drawing, I didn’t have a good device for drawing. The device hung at different times when I was working on my art and that affected the outcome. I therefore got criticised a lot for my work. I remember a guy on Facebook telling me I didn’t know how to draw, all the negativity almost made me give up.”

Rocky draws inspiration from other great artist. “Anytime I see a great work by another artist it gives me joy, and makes me want to do more.”

Speaking about a project she engaged in that made her believe in herself, she says, “I worked on a lot of projects. I won’t say there is a particular one that made me believe in myself, but every new artwork I create looks different which always makes me believe there is more to let out.”

Now, the digital artist is looking forward to a day the perception of Nigerians will change about digital art. “I would like it if digital art is more appreciated in Nigeria. In other parts of the world, art is well appreciated; I’ll love people to admire my artwork more so I can earn a living from it.”

Talking about Youth Empowerment, she believes that the recent trending #lazynigerianyouths says it all. The government is obviously not encouraging the youths. It is, therefore, important that the youth stop waiting on the government and instead help themselves by finding their talent and getting serious with it.”

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