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Nimide Ogbeun



Nimide Motunrayo Jasmine Ogbeun simply known as Nims, is a writer and a lover of literature and books.

She currently works as the Editor and Content Lead of the first fashion and lifestyle website in Nigeria,

“I also do book reviews for Okadabooks, an e-publishing platform, that are published on In my spare time, I ghost write for other platforms and run my medium page.”

She realized the place where she felt most comfortable with in her life was between the pages of a book.

“I love how stories are woven and how I could bond with an imaginary creature just because their character in a story resonates with mine. I started writing and got astounding praise from my friends and this led me to pursue a career in creative writing. I’ve not looked back since then despite being an Engineer by training.”

Because Nims is in the fashion space, most of her challenges stem from people’s perception about fashion.

“A lot of people don’t take fashion seriously and just restrict it to the art of throwing on clothes and looking good. They don’t understand the literature behind it and the need to critically analyze a fashion statement/industry or decision. This challenge is especially difficult when running a strictly fashion and lifestyle platform. You need to be extra technical for people to read your articles. It’s also hard to be taken seriously as a writer because I’m in fashion but recently, my medium page and the reviews makes up for it and I can feel people’s perception gradually changing.” 

When asked about her source of inspiration, she said,

“I do binge on a lot of my favorite blogs and tops that at the moment. Closely behind it is Man Repeller. With regards people, I love works from Maya Angelou and I feel privileged that she graced us with her presence in this world. Oscar Wilde, Scott Fitzgerald, Mariama Ba, Buchi Emecheta, Chimamanda Adichie and Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o are also some of my faves.”

Nims self-belief grew as a result of the kind of opportunity and experience she had. Being one of the first employees and eventually becoming the Assistant Editor of, she gained a lot of experience and worked hard along with members of her team to make the platform what it is today.

“In recognition of my work, I have been included in several top fashion lists and was named one of the top 10 African Fashion bloggers by Nubian TV. All these make me feel that all my work wasn’t in vain and I was doing something right.”

Having sort of conquered the local space, it is Nim’s dream to write for international platforms such as CNN, BBC and New York times among others, to share her stories and change lives with the words that she writes.

To Nims, accountability is the bedrock of empowerment.

“I think that before empowerment comes accountability. For the youths of today to be empowered to do anything, we must first decide to be accountable, to be responsible for our country, our progress, our future and our governance. After this, the next stage is to acquire knowledge. With the adequate knowledge, a feeling of genuine responsibility and support from the necessary quarters, I don’t think there’s anything we can’t overcome.”

You can connect with Nims via her Email and Social media listed below.

Email address –

Social media – Twitter & Instagram – @nimyde


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