Meet Nero – The Hyper-realism Pencil Artist


Oghenero Osiobe, also known as Nero, is a hyper-realism pencil artist.

He started art quite early and grew to develop his craft. “Art started for me at a very young age. As a kid, I found myself always putting pencil to paper and trying to represent real life objects just as they are. It was some sort of a child hood habit that didn’t go away. I think every artist is that child that survived. Over the years, I developed my skills and I still practice every day to be better at it.”

hyper-realism pencil artist

He draws inspiration from his environment.

The major challenge Nero has faced is unavailability of funds to be able to purchase materials for his art works.

When asked about the project that made him believe in himself, he mentioned that he has so far only engaged in personal projects. “And I could see how I have transformed from just drawing sticks heads or figures to producing art works with a lot of depth, textures and properly distributed lighting with just the use of pencils. This has made me believe in myself thus far.”

Now, he is hoping to be selected as part of any major art exhibition in and out of the country, so he can mingle and share ideas with other artists.

hyperrealism pencil artist

He considers youth empowerment as one of the basic things that can encourage the youths and boast self esteem. “Nigeria is blessed with a lot of talents. The Nigerian Youth is vibrant and buzzing with energy and they can be empowered in many ways. Establishment of platforms or annual events by Governmental and non Governmental bodies that will expose, reward and encourage the Nigerian talent in major areas ranging from art, music, fashion etc will go a long way. It will keep them focused and cause them to believe in themselves as well as their country. It will also reduce violence of all sorts and build a better Nigeria.”

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Instagram : @fabulouslifeofnero
Facebook : @fabulouslifeofnero
Twitter : @nerospencilart



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