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Meet Nelson – The Branding Prof.


Nelson Eze Darlington, also known as NED, customises hoods, Polo shirts, caps, mugs etc by printing names and pictures on them depending on the design the client wants.

He started during his NYSC service year 2017 under a platform caved out by the scheme called SAED (Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneur Development).


Finance was Nelson’s biggest challenge. He is unable to buy some of the materials he needs because of lack of funds but even more major is the fact that he lost a lot of customers due to limitation of funds to deliver the products to different parts of the country. A lot of the customers, due to lack of trust, were not comfortable paying into his account and opted instead for pay on delivery and therefore, he has to carry the load of the delivery. Sometimes, he is unable to do that because limited funds and in consequence, he loses the customer.


He draws his inspiration from his boss, who started as a graduate and has been able to achieve a lot so far. The story of his boss tells him he can do the same.

One of the biggest projects that made him believe in himself was when he customized two hundred Polo shirts for a church in his area.

Still, Nelson believes there is a lot more to be done. He is looking for bigger opportunities to customize thousands of Polo shirts, hoods, and caps etc for political campaigns, massive church programs, carnivals and football teams, among others.


He believes “youth empowerment is what every youth in the country needs even after being a graduate because acquiring skills is useful, especially if you know what you are doing. The youths can also be taught to understand the point of adding value as against seeking money and the sky will be their starting point.”

Contact him via


Phone number: +2348068832887 or +2348118117043


whatsApp: +2348068832887

Instagram: officialnelson2248.


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