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Meet Ndidi – The Furniture Dealer


Ndidi Maureen Ojei is a female furniture dealer. She delivers furniture that can double as both storage and regular furniture on order. In simple terms, she helps to furnish homes.

On how she started, she said she was introduced to the business by a woman in Abuja in 2013, who invited her to join in a particular project. After that, she developed interest in the business. She took a break from it due to personal reasons but returned fully to it last year.

furniture dealer

She mentioned that the greatest challenge she is facing is inadequate funding.

About what inspires her to keep pushing harder in her business, she has this to say, “I draw my inspiration from my love of comfortable, simple designed home and the fact that I can’t stand clutter.”

The project that made her believe in herself was actually collaboration with a friend to furnish a home in Abuja back in 2013.

furniture dealer

Now, she is hoping for more exposure and access to funding.

Youth empowerment, she believes, is a welcome development. “Building more schools that specialize in vocational training alone would help our youth, not to talk of actually caring about grooming and nurturing the talents of the youths, so they can reach their potential.”

She can be reached on

Facebook: @magna furniture

Instagram: @furnituremagna


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