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Meet Morounfoluwa – The Cuddle Blogger


Morounfoluwa Olatunde, also known as Mfoluwa, is a stay-at-home mum, blogger and a budding film maker.

“I have been a blogger for about 8 years now and I did that while I was working in the Technology industry. When I had my baby, I decided to take a step back and focus on taking care of him. Since I was running my personal blog, I also decided to start a mum blog as a way of documenting my experiences and sharing with other new mums out there.”

“In the process of staying home, I discovered my love for making videos and I started out making YouTube videos and I am on my way to making my first short film.”

On her challenges, she says, “One of the challenges I have faced so far is the feeling that I am not ready to put myself out there, but I realised that one will never be ready. I took classes, practiced and still practicing to increase my confidence and skills.”

She draws a lot of inspiration from my husband, I also get inspired by the younger me, stories of other people and life in general.”

When she was asked about a project that increased her belief in herself, she has this to say. “As part of my requirements to graduate from my film making course, I had to do a series of projects and my very first one was a 2 minutes video and I was scared because I didn’t think I was good enough or had the best equipments to deliver but I came up with a concept, asked my sister to act for me and when I submitted it, my supervisor loved it, gave me corrections and it definitely boosted my confidence in me skills.”

Moving on, “I am hoping to hone my skills on the film making path, looking for opportunities to work with people in the industry to learn, most especially budding film makers like myself.”

She also gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “Youth empowerment in this country is still something that needs a whole lot of work. As a nation, we do not take it very seriously but we do have a lot of issues and empowering the youth will seem mundane in the light of some of the issues we face which is why in my opinion Nigerian youths cannot wait for the government, we have to empower ourselves in whatever shape, size or form.”

“We are the leaders of tomorrow right? But no one will entrust us with leadership if we don’t prove ourselves, regardless of whatever bill is passed. We hold our destinies in our hands; we have everything it takes to be empowered in our generation, from politics to personal development.”

“With a phone and data in our day and age, the possibilities are endless we have access to various resources online that can put us on the empowerment path. We only have to make the choice to be empowered.”

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