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Meet Morenike – The Graphic Designer


Morenike Opeyemi Olusanya, , also known as Renike or Renny, is a visual artist. “My major medium of expression is with charcoal pencil and through digital paintings. I’m also a graphic designer.”


On how she started, she has this to say, “I have been passionate about art since I was a teenager. I furthered my interest by studying Creative Arts in the University of Lagos. I specialized/majored in Visual Arts and sub-majored in Graphic Design. I started to commercialize my art about 2 years ago and the journey so far has been very educational.”

Her initial major challenge was putting herself out there. “It is still something I still battle with. I am a very socially-awkward person so I didn’t use to talk about my art in public or try to network or anything (it’s still something I’m learning how to do). Social media became a life/passion/career saver, to be very honest. I have also faced a bit of challenges with commercializing an aspect of my art. It’s very difficult to sell art to people who do not appreciate the value of your art.”

The visual artist draws her inspiration from the African culture.” I love my culture. I love African women. I love African hair, fashion…everything African. I also draw inspiration from phrases I get from books I read.”

graphic designer                                          graphic designer

When asked about the project that made her believe in herself, she noted that she has not yet worked on any major project but she discovered how soothing her art felt to her and that augmented her believe in her craft. “I have not worked on any major project, to be very honest. I started to believe in myself and my abilities when I realized that they were very therapeutic for me at a point in my life. I also gained a lot of confidence in my art when I noticed how people wanted to buy them.”

Right now, Morenike is open minded and positive about any/every opportunity that comes her way.

She thinks Youth empowerment is very important. “The youths will grow to become people in power in their various specialties and areas of their lives. It is important that they are trained and supported now so they can lead well later on.”

paint                  paint

You can connect with her via

Instagram and Twitter: @iamrenike


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