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Meet Mordi – The On Air Personality and Entrepreneur

Mordi Nkiru is an On Air Personality and a multi business woman whose career in broadcasting started when she went with a friend to an audition and got picked without prior preparations.


”I literally stumbled on it. An audition was being held and I saw off a friend and got picked without prior preparations” Kiki said.


Meeting people who are difficult to work with is the radio presenter’s biggest challenge. ”They can make you counterproductive if you let them. Thankfully I’m learning and growing”



She draws her inspiration from ‘the amazing black women that keep telling us we can do it. The Oprahs, the Beyoncés, The Bonangs. My mum who is my biggest cheerleader. My friends and followers who believe in me, it’s crazy sometimes I’m like “what did I do to deserve all this love?”



Although she has worked on several projects and engaged in lots of activities that has made her believe in herself, speaking at the Women In Journalism Conference and eventually being named one of the 100 women changing Journalism in Africa stands out.


On opportunities she is open to, Nkiru is looking to take advantage of international conferences and courses and her favorite quote is one attributed to George Bernard Shaw but a modified version ”let the person who says it cannot be done make way for the one who wants to do it”



Speaking on  youth empowerment via an email reply, she said:
I’m really passionate about youth empowerment, I’ve participated both as a beneficiary and as a facilitator and it’s always an amazing experience. My birthday, August 12th is literally International Youth Day and I spent this year’s doing media rounds at Youth empowerment programs in Lagos. Refreshing experience.
How can the Nigerian youth be empowered?
A thorough mindset overhaul. If you educate the mind then you’ve educated a village. Some young people are stuck on archaic and non progressive mindsets and the bulk of the empowerment is literally a waste. But if we can collectively agree that some of our so called “ideals” are indeed not ideal to say the least, and our parents weren’t always right we’re well on our way to an empowered future.

You can connect with her via @kikimordi on all social media platforms.

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